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1. Should I purchase separate insurance when renting a car?

Answer: Most family (personal) auto policies extends the same perils and limits from best vehicle on policy to rental vehicle used in the US and Canada. This applies to vans and pickups under one ton GVW (gross vehicle weight). However, claims for “loss of use” made by a rental company while vehicle is being repaired is not covered.

2. Does my homeowners cover my storage unit?

Answer: Under most homeowners policies, 10% of cover C (personal property) applies to off premises use or storage of personal items. Higher limits may be endorsed to the policy using ISO endorsement HO 0614.

3. Am I covered riding my bicycle?

Answer: Liability coverage extends from most homeowners and renters policies for named insureds and family members riding a bicycle.

4. Is the sewer line from my home to the street covered by my homeowners?

Answer: The line running from your home to the sanity sewer is the responsibility of the homeowner. There is no automatic coverage but a designated amount of coverage can usually be endorsed to your homeowners policy for an additional premium using ISO endorsement HO 1016.

5. What is GAP coverage and why should I have it?

Answer: In the event of a total loss, GAP insurance covers the difference between the current market value of your vehicle and the outstanding loan or lease obligation.

6. How does market value differ from replacement cost coverage on my homeowners insurance?

Answer: Market value represents an arbitrary appraised value reflecting interest rates and the overall state of the economy. Replacement cost represents the actual rebuilding cost of materials, labor, permits and disposal of the prior structure.